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Individual Coaching


Individual Coaching


To enable leaders to identify and achieve their unique potential.


Leadership is more than a job title, it’s an opportunity to inspire, collaborate, and impact the people and organization around you. But it invariably brings challenges which are best solved with additional perspective. 

In Individual Coaching, I serve as a sounding board; helping leaders to process and define their challenges, and facilitating self-reflection. Structured around your objectives, our partnership will improve your self-awareness, expand your leadership capabilities, and uncover solutions that align with your authentic leadership style.

Group Coaching





To collaborate with peers to idenitfy novel solutions to situational challenges

3 - 6 participants

When you’re facing a professional hurdle it’s easy to feel alone, but you never are. Here, you'll find a community of leaders in similar circumstances with whom to share challenges and perspectives, and brainstorm solutions.

Group Coaching assembles small groups of experienced leaders facing a situational challenge, enabling them to draw on their collective expertise to innovate solutions. In this context, my role is to establish a safe environment for open and honest communication, and guide discussions to help participants apply new perspectives to their own organizations and day-to-day challenges.





To enable groups to explore

and test-drive new concepts in a supportive group setting.

Up to 20 participants

Workshops target groups who want to learn and explore different perspectives. Appropriate for new and seasoned leaders alike, workshops allow participants to build strengths and acquire new skills to keep pace in a diversifying environment. 


Designed to foster real and lasting change, workshops are experiential and encourage participants to put their learnings into practice in real time. Workshops introduce participants to leadership topics and offer opportunities to explore them with the group. 


Coaching sessions were a great opportunity to step back and observe my own actions, words, and behavior, but also those of my peers and direct reports. It's helped me understand what’s keeping me from being the leader I aspire to be, and also to enjoy my wins!




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